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Educator Grants


Klein ISD Education Foundation grants are designed to encourage, facilitate, and recognize creative projects that lead to academic achievement for students of the Klein ISD.

Educator Grant

Individual teachers can be awarded grants up to $5,000 and groups of teachers on the same campus can be awarded grants up to $7,500 for innovative classroom initiatives that support the mission of the school district. Multiple campuses may submit a grant for up to $15,000. The grants will be evaluated by a committee of district representatives and foundation directors and will be awarded based on merit.


Lead the Spark Grant

The Lead the Spark grant is open to campus principals within Klein ISD to help support existing or new student programs. They are awarded twice a year and applications are due by November 1st (Fall) and April 1st (Spring). If either of those dates fall on a weekend, grant applications will be due the following Monday. Grant amounts are awarded between $5,000 and $25,000.

Grant Deadlines

The Klein ISD Education Foundation will accept grant applications from Klein ISD faculty for innovative projects benefitting Klein ISD for the fall semester until November 1st and the spring semester until April 1st. If either of those dates fall on a weekend, grant applications will be due the following Monday.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selection are specified in the grant guidelines. A Grant Critique Sheet with information about each project's application will be returned at the end of the grant evaluation process. 

Each Grant Application should include specific grant criteria that guide evaluation by the Foundation's Grant Review Committee. Generally, grants should:

  • Support specific classroom, department, campus, or school needs.

  • Impact the quality of education for students.

  • Relate to goals state in the campus/district plan of action.

  • Have the potential for duplication on other campuses.

Grant Workshops

Applicants are encouraged to attend a grant writing workshop, or view the workshop slides posted online.

Spring 2024 Grant Writing Workshop

KEF Grants in Action!

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Grant Statistics & Summaries by Semester

455 Grants Awarded Totaling $2,561,616

Spring 2024 Grants


Fall 2023 Grants


Spring 2023 Grants


Fall 2022 Grants


Spring 2022 Grants


Fall 2021 Grants


Spring 2021 Grants


Fall 2020 Grants


Fall 2019 Grants


Spring 2019 Grants


Fall 2018 Grants


Spring 2018 Grants


Fall 2017 Grants


Spring 2017 Grants


Spring 2016 Grants


Fall 2016 Grants


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